cas: *stands up to a fucking archangel*

cas: *escapes a holy fire circle by using a demon as a bridge*

cas: *banishes a room full of angels by carving a banishing sigil into his own chest*

cas: *molotov cocktails the most powerful angel in heaven*

cas: *slaughters thousands of angels and hundreds of humans*

cas: *hides a tablet uNDER HIS OWN SKIN*

cas: *digs a bullet out of his flesh and kills another angel with it*

spn fandom: aw look at the cute helpless adorable baby

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Misha says Maison has recently started saying “Misha Collins” – they’re sure she has no clue who or what that means, but she’s heard it and thinks it’s fun to say. And she always adds “Ha!” at the end.

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I need season 10 to consist of everyone telling Sam:

"You have one hell of a brother."

and Sam’s bitchface

Dean’s reaction:


Sam’s reaction:


#one brother from hell… #the other in it

^^^that sounds like a Disney Channel tv show tagline 

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